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‘No Climate Justice, No Peace’:


Annual Chichester Quaker Peace Lecture (Online)


On 11th November at 5.30pm Molly Scott Cato, Quaker, former MEP and Green Economist, will give an online presentation on the question of whether a truly peaceful international order can be sustained unless we first address the looming environmental crisis. From the coronavirus we have learned the reality of the global village, that as human beings we share a common vulnerability, and that if we do not solve our problems together they will remain unsolved. How can we take that lesson forward as a motivation to take urgent action on the climate crisis and global injustice?


Each November Quakers in Chichester hold a Peace lecture in the Meeting House, Priory Road. For us the important lesson to be drawn from the events of 1914-1918 is that ways should be sought to avoid such terrible conflicts happening again. It is not good enough to say that wars are inevitable. They are no more than a choice made by human beings; other choices are possible. This year, for the first time, our Peace Lecture will be held online because only a limited number could otherwise go. More people, then, should be able to hear Molly speak.


Sign up for our Annual Peace lecture using eventschiquakers@gmail.com

You will be sent a link to sign into the presentation about a week beforehand.

Molly Scott Cato’s Wikipedia entry is here;



Our Worship

Our Quaker Meeting is based on silence, a silence of waiting and listening. The silence is different from that of solitary meditation, as the listening and waiting in a Quaker Meeting is a shared experience in which worshippers seek to experience God for themselves. We come together to listen to the promptings of love and truth in our hearts.

The silence may be broken if someone present feels called to say something that will deepen and enrich the worship. Anyone is free to speak, pray or read aloud if they feel strongly led to do so. This breaks the silence for a few minutes but does not interrupt it. In the quietness of the Meeting, we can become aware of a deep and powerful spirit of love and truth, transcending our ordinary day-to-day experiences.

If you want to know more about us, how we work and our beliefs, you can download the text of our booklet ‘Advices and Queries’ here.

Building Community

We are a  friendly group who welcome newcomers from any religious background or none.






Children’s Meeting

All children and young people welcome at our Meetings. Come and join us! For more details of our Children’s Meeting or to discuss a school or group visit please phone 07964 194725


At Chichester Quaker Meeting all are welcome, respected, valued and safe to fully participate as their true selves, free from gender assumptions and stereotypes as we seek to discover and follow the inward light in which we walk.

In our sharing of personal stories, we have come to recognise the need to support both those who are transgender and non-binary and their friends and families who may be struggling to come to terms with their own personal responses and feelings. We acknowledge too that we are all at different stages of our personal journeys in our understanding of gender identity. We do not want to be divided by the words we use but rather “feel where the words come from” .* We trust that together we can deepen our understanding so that Chichester Quaker Meeting truly becomes a place where all are welcomed, supported and nurtured.

We rejoice in our own diversity and in creating a place where we can listen to and connect with one another and, “helping one another up with a tenderhand” **, accompany one another with love.

* Taken from John Woolman’s Journal for 1763
** Isaac Penington, 1667 Quaker Faith and Practice 10.01.

Our Community

We think it is important to build a strong and lively community, and we organise other activities besides Meeting for Worship. For example:
• There is a talk every 3rd Sunday after Meeting for Worship
• We have a Well-being group which meets every two months
• There is an active Arts Group meeting every month
• A baking day round a Member’s kitchen table every month
• A Peace Talk around Remembrance Day
• A talk or activity during the Chichester Festivities

Read our latest Newsletter here




Our group exists to explore ways in which members of different faiths within the city of Chichester might usefully co-operate and form friendships. At present we form part of the Quaker meeting but it is hoped that we may develop an independent existence.

We have so far:

• Arranged Jewish, Moslem, and Sikh speakers.
• Visited a Mosque, a Synagogue and a Sikh Gurdwara
• Held regular meetings between people of different faiths.

When you focus on their outward form,
You will see only differences between
The Muslim, the Christian and the Jew
Why not zoom in on the inner light
That they all share?

Would you like to meet Chichester people from other faiths?
Please contact Bill McMellon,
webellon@phonecoop.coop; or Tel. 01243 781455.