Meeting for Worship On-Line

Sunday 12th April at 1030

(and for next 2 weeks)


A Quaker’s Guide to On-Line Worship (UPDATED) – click here

For help and advice please phone Jenny 01243 699843

Yearly Meeting has been postponed until 2021


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Hirings – Giving-to-Non-Quaker-Orgs revisedSept2016

Caldotec Designs for Chichester Meeting House

Dated 21/02/19      Stair 2 – Landing Revision 

Dated 1/02/19        Stair 2 Plans:    Ground Floor    First Floor   Section AA    Section BB

Dated 16/01/19      Location of domestic lift in Room 1

Dated 22/10/18

Option 1a:     Ground Floor        First Floor

Option 4a:     Ground Floor        First Floor

Option 4b:     Ground Floor

Dated 12/10/18 : 4 options for layout – each option has 3 sheets: Ground Floor, First Floor and a Features page.

Option 1:  Ground Floor        First Floor        Features

Option 2:  Ground Floor        First Floor        Features

Option 3: Ground Floor         First Floor        Features

Option 4: Ground Floor         First Floor        Features