Interfaith Event – Love Thy Neighbour


On Tuesday 20th November at the Quaker Meeting House, Chichester, a stimulating
evening was spent exploring how the theme of Loving thy Neighbour is interpreted by local
Hindus (from the Vedic Society), a local Imam , Jews and Quakers.
After a light supper, speakers from the various groups represented spoke briefly on the
theme. Whilst it might be thought to be a purely Christian idea, the idea of caring for each
other in this way was shown to be both more ancient, being included in both Hindu texts
from some 3,000 years ago and the Hebrew Bible of a similar age, and common to all the
faiths present. Love and charity exist for Muslims, Jews and Hindus just as they do for
Quakers and Christians.
About thirty people attended and the speakers were followed by a stimulating (and
sometimes perplexed) discussion. If these ideas are so widespread, why are people so often
at daggers drawn? For all that there was an encouraging feeling of unity throughout the
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The Chichester Quakers Interfaith Planning Group exists to explore ways people of different
faiths might usefully co-operate. This is believed to be important at a time when division
appears to be on the increase. People of any faith who wish to join this exploration can
contact the group through the clerk of the Meeting at the Chichester Quakers website.