Quaker Information & Resources

General Information about the Quakers, news and events can be found on their main website:

Advices and Queries.

This can be found in Chapter 1 of Quaker Faith and Practice:

Quaker Peace Testimony

This can be found at: and

How Quaker Meetings make decisions

This can be found under ‘Resources’ at:

Reviewing Quaker Faith and Practice

Quaker Faith and Practice (QF&P), the book of discipline for Britain.

A decision to revise Quaker Faith and Practice was taken at 2018 BYM.

Quaker Faith in Action

April 2019: Quakers and the Rising Climate Justice Movement

Quaker Articles of Interest

Twelve Quakers and Equality

Friends’ Schools’ Council


Hand decorated table cloth
Hand decorated table cloth made by Chichester Meeting