Repair Cafe News

Repair Café is on Saturday 30th November 2019   2.30 pm – 5.00 pm

At the Chichester Quaker Meeting House PO19 1NX

Repair your handheld electrical items, your costume jewellery, your ceramic ornaments, your bike and your clothing. This is a free event, donations are welcome to keep running these events. Cafe and conversation too.

Small items are very welcome. If you have larger items that won’t be easy to carry, then bring photos to show and have a discussion with a skilled repairer. They might point you to someone who does this for a living; so there will be lists of people available. Small repairs can be done on site on the day.

No money changes hands, unless it’s a donation towards the next session. The other component of the mix is the Fairtrade cafe, which is the place to meet up and talk about what might be possible to make a circular economy.

More details about accessibility, and what to bring from Jenny on 07879 26 3402 or find us on Facebook @ChichesterRepairCafe

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