Room Booking -Terms & Conditions

Quaker Meeting House, Chichester

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  1. The user shall read and retain a copy of these ‘Conditions of Use’. The user shall sign the combined ‘Application and Indemnity’ form and return it to the Lettings Officer.
  2. The Society of Friends shall not be responsible for any injury to, loss by or damage to persons or their property during the use of the premises.
  3. The user shall check in advance that the premises are suitable for the user’s requirements.
  4. Use of Kitchen facilities includes crockery and cutlery but not tea towels and consumables. Please remove unused tea, coffee, milk etc. and leave the kitchen in good condition. The booking of any room includes the use of Toilet facilities.
  5. The user will be provided with the code for the combination lock to the front entrance door. This code will be issued on condition that it will be known and used only by two named officers of the user’s organization.
  6. A booking does not confer any right to enter the premises at a time outside the period of the booking.
  7. The premises may only be used by organizations that, in the opinion of The Society of Friends as expressed by Chichester Quaker Meeting, provide a religious, charitable, social or cultural service to the community. The decision rests with Chichester Quaker Meeting.
  8. The user shall keep the premises, fabric, furniture, and equipment in good condition and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that damage shall not occur. If any damage occurs it shall be reported without delay to the Lettings Officer. The user shall, indemnify the Quaker Meeting in respect of any damage, loss or claim arising.
  9. If the seating arrangements are altered by the user they shall be returned to their original form before the user leaves the premises. A plan of ground floor seating is kept on a wooden spacer board above the radiator to the left of the Meeting room door.
  10. No one shall attempt to make any adjustment or interfere with the normal working of any of the installations or fittings for gas, water, or electricity, or any part of the premises without consent of the Lettings Officer.
  11. Nothing shall be driven into walls, doors or furniture, and nothing shall be affixed to any part of the premises.
  12. Alcohol and illegal drugs may not be brought onto the premises.
  13. Gambling is not permitted but a charity raffle for low value prizes may be allowed with permission.
  14. Dogs under control can be brought onto the premises with permission.
  15. The user shall check that all the lights are switched off, all windows closed, and all taps turned off and power plugs removed from their sockets after use, and that the premises are correctly locked up. Users shall remove all their literature and other goods prior to leaving.
  16. Any form of publicity referring to the use of the Meeting House shall clearly display the name of the organizing body so that the name of the organizing body will always be bolder than reference to the Friends Meeting House. Permanent display of information is not available. The Friends Meeting House shall not be used as a mailing address for any user’s organization.
  17. Books may not be taken out of the premises without permission.
  18. Users who are upstairs should see that the front entrance door is locked from the inside if no-one is using the ground floor. An entry bellpush  is fitted outside which rings upstairs.
  19. Any activities for children or vulnerable adults should comply with current safeguarding legislation. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all necessary criminal record checks have been undertaken. The Quaker Meeting cannot accept any responsibility for the hirer’s failure to comply with these requirements. A first aid box is provided in the downstairskitchen. It is the hirers’ responsibility to ensure a first aider is available if deemed necessary.
  20. The hirer consents to their contact and personal information being kept by the Lettings
    Officer for use only in relation to bookings. The information will be seen and used only by appropriate officers and committee members of Chichester meeting.